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A mess on my head – round two.

I straightened hair around two weeks. But one day woke up early in the morning, I realized that a new idea fascinates me. I wanted more than life to have small curls!!!!! Oh My Gosh!!!!! It’s so blew my mind that I decided to find my best curling iron!!!!

Ok sorry, I am going ahead too fast. Come back for straightening.

I used a special product for the hair, it helps not to burn it.
When I finally straightened all the hair …. I just did not recognize myself in the mirror! I watched another person!
It was soooo cool!!!! Amazing! I was like a girl from Adams family!
It took an hour but I was very pleased with the result!

When my boyfriend saw me …. He was delighted! He said that I looked like a girl from the Japanese horror movies. Yes, his sense of humor always has been excellent.