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Blue bike

When I was 7 years old, I loved to view photos in magazines about fashion and lifestyle. Do you know such When I was 7 years old, I loved view photos in magazines about fashion and lifestyle. Do you know such magazins, where everyone is happy and laughing? Beautiful blondes with long curls on bicycles with baskets at the front. They usually had flowers or baguettes and greens in them.
I was so terribly envious of their beautiful and happy life that I swore when I become an adult, I’ll buy bicycle with a basket!
hybrid bikeWell, this moment has come! I’m really prepared for cycling!
The basket at the front is the main criterion for me! ) I rummaged on the Internet again and found an amazing bike, in my girlish look. They say, that this is a hybrid bike (whatever that means). Of course, as a girl, I always focused on appearance first! I like blue color and brown saddle. How beautiful it will be to ride on it along the shore of the sea, in a straw hat and with flowers in a basket!

I remember the story with a bicycle, when my friend bought a bicycle for herself and cycled to her boyfriend. He lived in a nearby town.
Just like I want, with flowers in a basket and a straw hat on her head. Everything was fine until she left on the highway! Then she was frightened in earnest. It was so scary that she still tells that story with a shudder in her voice. Enormous trucks passing at a crazy speed could just crush her at any time! Somehow she reached her destination, she got home to her boyfriend….. and found him with a some whore … LOL

After what she experienced, she still had to go back. It was getting dark on the street LOL…

Yes, it’s a sad story ….

I do not even know why I remembered that, guys ….
Inspired by best hybrid bikes website …

But seriously, what do you about this one?