A mess on my head – round two.

I straightened hair around two weeks. But one day woke up early in the morning, I realized that a new idea fascinates me. I wanted more than life to have small curls!!!!! Oh My Gosh!!!!! It’s so blew my mind that I decided to find my best curling iron!!!!

Ok sorry, I am going ahead too fast. Come back for straightening.

I used a special product for the hair, it helps not to burn it.
When I finally straightened all the hair …. I just did not recognize myself in the mirror! I watched another person!
It was soooo cool!!!! Amazing! I was like a girl from Adams family!
It took an hour but I was very pleased with the result!

When my boyfriend saw me …. He was delighted! He said that I looked like a girl from the Japanese horror movies. Yes, his sense of humor always has been excellent.

A mess on my head

Hi guys! Today, I woke up early in the morning, I found such a mess on my head, that I decided to do something with it instantly!
After thinking a bit, I found a few options.
Shave head.
Ok, probably not work … I do not think my boyfriend likes that.
Buy a wig.
The idea is not bad but it will look rather strange.
I imagine my coming to work in a wig ….
Although, I think my new and very nasty colleague finally will lose the power of speech, which can be very good for me.
Hair straightening?
Last week, my female neighbor almost burned her apartment, forgetting iron for straightening hair on the table. Not a very pleasant prospect of course but she straightened hair cool!

After thinking, I decided to stay on the third point.
Hair straightening is pretty cool thing but you must be able to do it perfectly, of course.
I started googling. I found a lot of things. Eyes fled around. The budget for that was not large but I decided to treat myself.

I found a bunch of different coatings, sizes an so on ….
Actually, I have a pretty thick and curly hair. If they are curled smooth and beautiful, it would not be a problem for me… But they sometimes have scary look in the morning! Not straight and not curly – “straurly”…. I have no words for it!
I’m not going to give up and kept looking with a frenzy.
By the way, my boyfriend has a very straight hair, which do not need to straighten! ….and a very long eyelashes…. Sometimes feel that I want to …. well, in general we always want to do it with men who have something, which we (women) are fighting for!

In short, I picked a budget option … for $ 100 !!!! )))
Now I don’t even know what I will do with the food until salary! But it’s the best flat iron ever!
Perhaps, will borrow money from a neighbor …. who has nearly burned the house.

In general, I ordered my best flat iron and started to wait when they will deliver it.
The days passed slowly …. I again began to think about the wig ….
But finally I got it!
It was very cool! I chose titanium coating. They say, that it is the best coating for hair.