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Korean face masks

Today, I would like to speak about different brands of cosmetics. I recently decided to start to take care of your face, because the last time the postman became frightened and ran away when he brought me a parcel! Joke.

Speaking seriously, I use cream every day, but I need more powerful tools to quickly bring my face in order.

I heard about the miracle of korean face mask, which in a few minutes can make us beautiful!

Googling, I found several masks from Korean brands which are popular among women.

For example AESTHETIC MODELING RUBBER MASK BY AHC. I’ve heard this name from my friend who is more experienced in matters of facials.

It sounds strange – Rubber mask, but I still decided to try it!

Actually, it’s pretty unusual when you are sitting with something on your face which resembles silicone)) feel like a participant of a Hollywood movie!

Feeling that make up artist will make a monster’s face from the cast.

But the mask was really good! At once face smoothed and freshened up. Postman stop running away at once, and began to quietly say hello.

In fact, I would say that to apply it several times a week does not make sense. Once is enough for a good effect.

Of course, it is great that new technologies come into our lives so quickly. Until a few decades ago, our mothers and granmas used natural products for masks. I personally think it is terrible to put food on the face! ))

I dream of a pill for tanning. Took it and I wake up with a beautiful tan! By the way, I heard that they created something like that! )))