Great Falls, Montana – Full of History

There is something about visiting a city where you can actually see the history taking place in your imagination. Just visiting the sites where historical events have taken place is really a remarkable experience.

The town of Great Falls, Montana, is full of rich history and an amazing place to visit. The first inhabitants of the area were nomadic Indians that did not stay there for a long period of time. The Blackfoot Indians claimed the area around the year 1600 and remained there until the United States spread westward, claiming the land in 1803.

In 1805, Meriwether Lewis visited what is now Great Falls, MT, as part of the Lewis & Clark expedition. The town did not become an official city until 1883 when Paris Gibson came and saw endless opportunities for the area’s industry. The five waterfalls in the region (from which Great Falls got its name) would provide enough electricity by hydropower, which was discovered only recently. Gibson has developed a plan for the city and helped to build businesses, a post office, school, and a newspaper. In November 1888, Great Falls became an incorporated city.

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